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Thing with feathers

radio plays for a new year

"To My Future Self
to my future self large.png

Writer: Matthew Jenkins
Director: Emma Bentley
Brigette/Young Brigette: Charlotte Keith

If you could go back in time and talk to your younger self, what would you say to them? That is the problem Bridgette is faced with after receiving a letter she wrote to herself six years ago, and is suddenly confronted by her 18 year old self, demanding to know how their life turned out so differently than what they expected.

Only listen to this after you've been binging a show long enough that Netflix asks "Are you still there?"

The Day Trip  
the day trip large.png

Writer/Director: Cal Lane
Tam: Talia Kracauer
Lil: Agnieszka Wieclawska

Tam and Lil, a couple who live in the city, are sick of being stuck in their tiny apartment and want to go and spend a day in the country. They decide to go on Christmas Day, in an effort to come into contact with as few other people as possible. Hiking in a small, empty town with nothing but their own thoughts to accompany them, they are forced to confront the psychic toll the world has taken on them in the past few months, before wandering off the trail and encountering an unusual ceremony.

This play does not need to be listened to in any particular place, but I would encourage listening to it while walking if it is safe and comfortable for you to do so. Please listen to this play with a good pair of headphones, or a good-quality speaker or stereo system, if possible.

Living Well Is The
Best Revenge
living is the best revenge large.png

Writer: Max Chase
Director: Jalice Corral
Laura Rea as Winnie 

James Aldred as The Man

3 years ago on New Year's Eve, Winnie was stabbed and left for dead. That night, everything changed, and now she's got a good job, a good life and she's doing well. Until she sees the person who stabbed her all those years ago again and kidnaps them, that is. Her New Year's plans unexpectedly derailed, now she has a decision to make. Live or die? Forgiveness or revenge?

This radio play is best listened to by a window at night, ideally when the neighbours are being way too loud.

goosed large.png
Frizzy Izzy
frizzy izzy turqoise large.png

Writer: Jacqueline Graham
Director: Susie Macdonald
Sound Design & Score: Sam MacDonald
Nathan Chatelier: Parsley (a goose)
Timna Krenn: Ray (a swan), Mama (a goose), Gardener (a human)

Dominic Varney: Mogs (a magpie), Sacha (a hedgehog), Gardener (a human)

When his beloved Willow falls from a muddy bank into the canal, a flightless goose named Parsley goes on a dangerous journey to try to rescue his best friend and redefine home in the face of grief and loss.

Listen someplace quiet and snuggly with headphones!

Writer/Director: Jalice Corral
Emma Bentley and Elena Novello

Isabelle has found herself in the Deep Dark Sad Place with only Izzy Frizzy for company. She has no idea how she got here, or how she'll get out. Isabelle knows she can't stay. Izzy says she can't leave.

Find some darkness, even if it's just behind your eyelids.

Any Given Time
any given time large.png

Writer: Gemma Murray
Director: Charlie Chauca
Megan Jarvie as Bella
Will Jarvis as Spirit

Any given time is a play surrounding the concept of having the chance to choose your age. It takes a looks at dreams , regrets and what life would look like if you had the power to fast forward or rewind.

In your Mums spare bedroom with a photo album of your life ;)

3, 2, 1...
3, 2, 1 large.png

Written/Performed by Emily Steck and Misha Graham-Patel

Edited by Emily Steck

A man and a woman find themselves in a New Years Eve house party moments past midnight. As the minutes and hours pass by, and the drinks pile up, these two humans try to maybe, hopefully, connect with each other. Or at least make out.

Best listened to when you are in deep existential-hangover-ennui. Or if you just want to feel like you're in a mediocre house party on New Years Eve wondering how you will ultimately get home.

start again?
start again large.png

Writer: Agnieszka Wieclawska
Director: jos. Czarnecki

A (Marjorie) - Octavia Fox

B - Sandy Jack

Six months ago, everyone woke up, and no one could remember anything, not even their language; now two people try to make a recording to explain what has happened, but they might have been too involved in the cause of it to be truthful.

Create a secretive atmosphere - sink into your armchair with headphones on, hide in a closet with lights off, but whatever you do, remember - this is a secret.

These Things Are Sent To Try Us
these things are sent to try us 2 large.

Writer: Emma Bentley
Director: Lu Curtis
MARGE - Lexie McDougall
JON - Dominic Varney
NEIGHBOURS - Emma Bentley

Jonathan arrives at his neighbour's house desperately trying to get her to join the infamous Neighbourhood WhatsApp group, because, if anything's going to save us, it's exchanging old furniture and slightly mouldy vegetables, right? But when he meets Marge, he realises he's met his match. No, not everybody wants to be in a "community", and perhaps for good reasons.

Best listened to whilst trying not to look through your next-door neighbour's windows on the way home.

Four Walls/One Night
Four Walls One Night large.png

Writer: Cris Eli Blak
Director: Ariella Como Stoian
James Aldred as Grady 

Charlotte Keith as Julie

Grady and Julie are mother and son. Grady and Julie are fundamentally different people. Grady and Julie are more alike than they are willing to realize. Grady and Julie have both made mistakes. Grady and Julie are both afraid of the uncertain world we live in. Grady and Julie need each other. In the span of one evening conversation, they will learn these things and more.

Sit down with your family and listen to a family. Hear your own highs and lows, hear your own experiences or maybe the experiences you feel lucky to have never had.

End of the World,
rsvp by the 20th
end of the world large.png

Writer: Isa Martinez
Director: Zach Rivera
Cecilia Despres as LILA
Matthew Gray as LEWI

Lila sits at a trashed out bar awaiting the end of the world when in stumbles Lewis, an optimist. The pair has a choice. Drink till they forget, or wait it out and see what comes next. It can't get any worse... can it?

Sit in the most comfortable spot in your house, get a glass of your favorite drink. Maybe some pickles if you have them.

Creative Producers
Content Advisory

Tilney Brune, Ariella C Stoian, Jalice Corral & Will Jarvis

Ariella C Stoian

Strong Language, Death, Grief, Mental Health, Sexual Assault, Discussion of Homelessness, Discussion of Self Harm, Discussion of Violence, Discussion of Addiction, Discussion of Apocalypse

Please email if you require further information.

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