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To  be  a  bat  

@ The Space, London Horror Festival 2021
written by ariella como stoian
directed by Susie MacDonald

Moi’s brother Jo is dead and it’s probably all Moi’s fault. In the aftermath, the dregs of their family drift into the uncanny, imagination overtaking reality. Ingrid spends all her time putting up posters of iconic rock stars; curating a teenage room that will never be. Fernando creates a virtual model of Jo, who instead slips loose of his digital bounds, roaming the real world. Moi meets sometimes-wolf Luna in the cemetery behind their house. Together the new friends embark on a drug-fuelled adventure to hunt the ghosts of the ones they’ve lost, and maybe, possibly, even become who they want to be. 
To be a bat is a new play that explores an un-reality of magical, corrosive grief, and a queer coming of age fractured by loss. 











Venue: The Space, Isle of Dogs, London
Dates: Friday 29, Saturday 30, Sunday 31 October at 6:30 pm 
Matinee on Sunday 31 October at 2 pm 

Full team:

Playwright: ariella como stoian

Director: Susie MacDonald

Assistant Director: James Ireland 

Composition: Zygmund de Somogyi

Co-Producer: Nicole Goodchild 



Moi: Lisa Maeda 

Luna: Ella Faye Donley

Ava/Voice: Kathryn Djemai 

Ferd: Aaron Lynn

Ingrid: Jennifer Oliver

Lighting Designer: Steven Frost 

Stage Manager: Emily Gaskin

Intimacy Director: Robbie Taylor Hunt 

Photography Lidia Crisafulli

Content Advisories: Fantastical violence, scenes of a sexual nature, described violence and graphic imagery, discussions of death, depictions of mental health issues, grief, mourning, strong language.

If you would like to get in touch please email

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:: p l a y w r i g h t

ariella como stoian is a non-binary playwright and theatre-maker who grew up between Romania, Australia and the UK, now based in NE London. Their play (dis)Solution - about aged care and agency - transferred to Subiaco Arts Centre, Perth for a critically acclaimed run with female-led company Tempest Theatre (2018). ariella was Resident Dramaturg as well as a rep writer for accessible, site-specific theatre company Šite Productions in Greater London, was a founding member of the queer arts collective Sibils in Sydney and previously worked as the SYC Lab Assistant for Soho Theatre Company. 

 ariella’s recent work includes a live stream of their play FAILURE (2021) with Very Rascals Theatre, a sold-out New Writing Festival at the OSO Arts Centre (2019) as well as directurging new solo-show Mooncalf (writ. Nell Barlow) at the Camden People’s Theatre (2019), previously at the Blue Elephant Theatre (2018). 

ariella’s play The dusk before was read as a part of the New Stuff program at The Cockpit this October. Their play To be a bat was also recently performed at The Space as a part of the 2021 London Horror Festival.

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:: d i r e c t o r

Susie MacDonald is a director and co-founded Elephant Talk Theatre: devised theatre addressing the elephant in the room. Elephant Talk Theatre are currently producing an ACE Funded R&D in partnership with Applecart Arts of their 5-star show ‘Finding Percy Erebus’ to tour in 2022. Recently, Susie directed ‘Your Unfortunate Servants’, a radio play centering on the plight of Welsh paupers in the 19th Century, written in residence at The National Archives, in collaboration with In Their Own Write: a research team funded by the Arts and Humanities Research Council.

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